Trail of the Raven: Haiti by Chip Davis

Reviewed by Frankie


“Dye mon, gen mon.”
Beyond the mountains, more mountains.

What is so wonderful about this novella, is that it fills you with a warmth, and with each finished chapter is another chapter waiting to lift your soul. From the moment I began this book, I immediately knew that it was something special.

This story is about a boy discovering the true nature of his late adopted mother, Aninha, and finding his purpose in this world. During an adventurous trip to Haiti, the history of the true heroine begins to unfold. While living among the locals, Jack learns of the profoundly generous deeds Aninha has done. Her wisdom and kindness have not only touched so many lives, but in many cases, changed those lives completely.

Jack is readily willing to use his vast inheritance for good will, as Aninha had so graciously done before him, but it is not until the devastation of an earthquake that he fully realizes just how much Haiti needs his help.

From tragedy comes hope! Although this is a work of fiction, this story is inspired by a few true events, including the massively destructive earthquake of 2010. The author’s message is exalting: out of turmoil, heroes are born. Out of loss, comes wisdom. Out of need, comes kindness. And not to be forgotten: from means and abundance comes responsibility.

My hope is that I can inspire as many people as possible to read this book. I want it to infect your heart so that you may feel the love and hope that I felt after absorbing this story, and also to shed light on the situation in Haiti and perhaps encourage more heroic and generous deeds for a people in need.

“Haiti needs you. It is up to you to make it smile again.”

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