Review- The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

Reviewed by Angela


I am previously untainted by Gillian Flynn's writing but have heard and read such good reviews that her full novels are definitely on my 'must read' list. The Grownup is a short 66 page taster of her writing style and I love it. She's a good storyteller who writes with interest, colourful description and intrigue. The Grownup is centred around the female narrator who, after years of pleasing men, decides to become a psychic. After meeting with one particular woman, Susan, she starts doing home visits and meets her step-son. From the here on the story becomes creepy and scary and the interaction between the three is tense and gripping. With only 66 pages there isn't enough time to give a good character background but we know enough that each has a past and none is really trustworthy. The finale is a real 'head messer' – a week later and I just don't know who was the goodie and who was the badie. She certainly writes great psychological twists. This is an earlier work of Gillian Flynn which first appeared in an anthology called Rogues. (Check prices of both books as the anthology seems the cheaper option) I think it sets the scene of her later books with scheming, manipulative characters and a great twist or two to keep you guessing to the end. This short story is just a teaser and I will certainly be reading her full length novels.

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