Review- Talent by B Goodwin

Reviewed by Angela


Talent is an emotional and sensitive story of loss, coming to terms with loss and your position and feeling within the family unit. The storyline centres around a group of drama students putting on a professional style show of 'Oklahoma'. We run through the whole of the production from the auditions in which our protagonist, Sandee, flunks, through to the opening night on which Sandee is our hero and saves the day.

Sandee's brother, Brian, went to the same high school as her and has a circle of friends who all know Sandee and her family. Brian went missing in action in Afghanistan eight months earlier and the not knowing if he is coming back is heartbreaking for all. Sandee is a strong minded and strong willed young lady and has some adult challenges to overcome.

This is a very well written and thought out plot to give a satisfying yet sensitive and thoughtful story to a young adult / teenage audience. I am far beyond my teenage years and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, the rights and wrongs of war, family issues and alcohol dependency. The writing is skillful, flowing and well put together. The characters are well defined and likeable and is generally an easy to read and interesting book.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Angela.

    I thought readers might like to know that the Amazon price varies and it’s only $2.99 for a Kindle version at If you order it from they should be able to send you a print version from $12.50 according to the publicist at Eternal Press.

    I hope this helps, and I hope you get a copy for yourself or a friend. After all, ’tis the season to treat one another.

    Writer Advice Managing Editor,
    Author of YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers & Author of TALENT

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