wine and chocLaura - Books, chocolate and wine are my guilty pleasures. Combine all three with a luxurious bubble bath and I am in heaven.  Actually, my taste in books and chocolate are remarkably similar, my eclectic tastes can find almost all types appealing. However, it takes more than a shiny wrapper for me to tackle sci-fi and horror. Reading a good romance whilst reaching for a second Ferrero Rocher and being so absorbed in the story that I almost forget the full glass of Merlot is my idea of bliss.
Nicole - I'm a reader of Chick Lit, Crime, Mystery, Drama, Supernatural, anything that catches my eye really, and I'm open to almost anything! Have one novel published under my wing and hoping to improve my skills to became a great author. Also, I LOVE my wine and chocolate. Especially Pinot Noir and chocolate cupcakes.
wine barrelFrankie - My favorite novels are dark and bittersweet, just like my chocolate. I enjoy Fiction, Supernatural, SciFi, Thrillers, Vampire Tales, Erotica and the occasional arresting non-fiction book. Tempranillo and Cabernet are my grapes of choice.
wine cellarHeather - My name is Heather Balog aka The Bad Mommy. My favorite books are hands down mystery and suspense. I think I learned to read from Nancy Drew and Miss Marple. I like well written literary and women's fiction with deep characters. I love YA with a moral and well written protagonists.
My favorite wine is...wet. I love it all, white, red, dry, fruity. Paired with dark chocolate Reese's and a good book, my night is made!
 Angela - I've been actively reviewing books for around ten years and will read most genres. I'm probably the more mature reviewer, think of me like a gracefully aged Syrah or Shiraz, and love a lazy afternoon reading fiction full of morals and modern issues. Being very young at heart, I love the fizz of playful, humorous chic-lit and can often be found nibbling dark velevety chocolate spiced with ginger, reading erotica. I love having my head messed with so psychological thrillers with twists and turns at every chapter end feature strongly on my bookshelf.