REVIEW – The Wrong Girl by Laura Wilson

wgJanice gave her baby up as a teenager after much pressure from her parents. Over forty years later and completely out of the blue, Suzie contacts Janice not because she is desperately seeking her birth mother, but because Dan, Janice's brother who Suzie has been living with, has died. Janice very quickly becomes acquainted with both Suzie and her new grand-daughter, Molly, when she goes to sort Dan's funeral and possessions.

This is a story of fractured and broken lives, not only Janice and the daughter she had to give up, but her estrangement from her brother Dan and the secret he took to the grave with him. Janice meets with old flames and old crones from her teenage years and has to come to terms with some of the drink and drug fuelled days which resulted in forgotten crimes and an unwanted pregnancy.

After reading a good half of the book I was still unsure where the story was going and who the main characters really were. This didn't particularly bother me, it just added to the mystery of the story and the curious nature of Molly, Janice's new grand-daughter, whose side story was quite a puzzle.

All in all, I thought the characters were well drawn out, not all particularly likeable but that was the sort of character they were, well paced with a good plot structure. At times it seemed that neither Janice nor Suzie were pleased or even bothered that mother and daughter had 'found' each other and Molly seemed to be the glue holding them together.

It was certainly a mysterious story with a few twists and a few crimes. I would recommend as a good read, but isn't for the die-hard compelling thriller lovers.

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