Review – What’s Left Of Us by Michele Tucker

What's Left Of Us - Michele Tucker 


Once again I find myself having difficulty in reviewing this book. Not because I am unsure as to how to rate it but, rather, my problem is how to review the book without giving away any spoilers. I absolutely hate spoilers!

For the record, this is an easy five stars.

This story begins with Calla preparing to set off for college a full year after the "incident" - at this point the reader has no idea what the incident is – and so the book begins in the middle of the story. We then go back and forth in the timeline between the present and learning Calla's back story as told through her and her two best friends Asher and Beck who's lives have been intertwined since the age of seven.  Following the incident, in transpires that lies were told and assumptions made, thus ensuring that Calla feels completely isolated. As the story unfolds, it builds the intrigue as to what could possibly have happened to destroy such friendships.

Once in college a familiar face from her past forces Calla to face her demons and confess her secrets.

This is a YA read with strong Christian beliefs therein. It is a tale of friendship, heartbreak, love, loss and loyalty. The highs and lows of friendship will give you some laughs and bring a smile to your face as you recall your own youth. However, and a very rare thing indeed for me, the heartbreak within this story actually did have me shedding a tear and forced me to continue reading whilst nursing a lump in my throat.

All that said, the book is certainly not perfect and I did feel some of the issues were resolved just a little too easily. Yet, as a debut author, I have to give her my admiration for the suspense and intrigue she created, safe in the knowledge that she can learn and grow as a writer. The ending of the book hints at the possibility of another story to develop and I can only hope that Michelle Tucker writes Parker’s story.

I, for one, will be waiting to download it.

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