REVIEW – Twin Piques by Tracie Banister

Reviewed by Nicole


First of all, I love novels that can flawlessly shoot from one character’s POV to the other. This is what Tracie banister does in Twin Piques; two very different sisters who are also very similar in certain ways. Half way through the novel I found myself wondering just which sister I can relate to the most, that is how well developed the main characters are. Willa, the easy-going optimistic twin and Sloane, the hard-working be it cynical one.  

Within a few pages I caught myself laughing out loud or gasping with delight. Within a few chapters I could tell Tracie Banister knows how to deliver a seamless story full of drama, intrigue, romance and laughter. I began to feel excited with each page that I turned.

The tale of Willa and Sloane is FULL of twists and turns which completely surprised me! I thought this novel would be the standard happy-go-lucky ‘Chick Lit’ with the occasional bumps in the road for the main characters to overcome. I was dead wrong. This is a novel that has you exclaiming out loud ‘NO WAY!’ and then ‘Are you KIDDING me?!’ when the next bombshell arises.

Yet among the twists and the heartache there are a handful of touching moments that definitely pull at the heart strings. You end up falling in love with both of the twin’s love interests and crave for more when the novel reaches its end. It had me wishing there would be a sequel! A definite read.

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