REVIEW – Symbiosis by Guy Portman

Reviewed by Nicole


It’s been syma while since I stepped away from the Chick Lit’s and Dram
a’s to read something out of the box and I am so glad Guy Portman’s Symbiosis came across our review table.  I admit it took a few chapters for me to feel completely invested in the story but I kid you not, it did hook me.

Twins Talulah and Taliah are complex characters and their experiences, however dark and twisted they may be, kept the story moving in a fast pace. Their love towards each other was undeniable, and throughout the years we see them change in different not always virtuous ways. It’s a classic tale of one twin being the leader and one twin the submissive, but written with a twisted bond that you grew to understand. The supporting characters surprised me but I found them to be as well thought out and compelling as the twins. Some of the characters, no spoilers, even made your skin crawl and brought a whole new level of danger to the tale.

I felt at times as if I was reading real life accounts of sisters who struggled against the norms of society while so different. Guy Portman’s writing was exceptional and had it been sloppy in any sense I feel the story wouldn’t have as much depth as it did. I would recommend this novel to any reader who enjoys a good psychological thriller, you won’t be disappointed.  

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