REVIEW – Secret of the Tombs (The Phoenix Code 1) by Helen Moss

Reviewed by Rory (child reviewer)


(Age 9-13)

Secret of the Tombs – The Phoenix Code 1 is written by the author Helen Moss and is a children's book about two kids, Ryan and Cleo who are on a dangerous quest to solve the ‘Phoenix Code’. Will they find the ‘Benben Stone’ before their enemies do? Or will Cleo and Ryan’s enemy get hold of the stone in time for the return of the phoenix?

Since I read the first page of this book my eyes have been glued to the paper. I loved the style of the book and it was written in a way that didn’t let me let it go. I am itching to read the second book. The length of this book is perfect at just over 300 pages. I recommend this book for readers age 9-13. 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Hello Rory, thank you for your lovely review of The Phoenix Code. I am delighted that you enjoyed it. I hope that you will enjoy the next installment in the series, The Dragon Path, too. I am busy working on the third and final book which will come out next Summer. If you like, I could send you an early copy of that when I have them, so you should be able to read it before everyone else! Best wishes, Helen

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