REVIEW – The Secret of Pooks Wood

ppThis is one of those magical stories which shows wonder and enchantment in the faces of young children. I am far from being a child myself (although I did used to be one) yet I was quickly pulled into the very real feeling family Christmas story and, by chapter 2, I
was totally hooked.

Stella and her twin children, Ollie and Lily, are staying for the Christmas holidays at Great Hawkesden Manor, the rambling old home of Uncle Alfred. The children are eager to hear their mother's stories of when she was a girl staying at the same house for holidays and are
equally impatient to explore the snow covered grounds. Stella seems to have found a portal to take her back to her own childhood and, with the wisdom of what she now knows, wonders if it's possible to change one small childhood act which had dreadful consequences, and actually alter the future.

Helen Laycock's writing is rich with careful use of grammar and the feast of colourful text is fabulous for young brains to soak up. I can't think that any 8+ child, girl or boy, could help but be gripped by this magical story and I would certainly recommend to my friends
with young children.


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