REVIEW -The Scale (Martha’s Way Series Book 1) – Mika Jolie

Reviewed by Nicole


I found this a quick read which I very much enjoyed. Though it is full of clichés, if you go in knowing this then you will still find the book entertaining and the characters very likeable! The story is starts in a vineyard described beautifully by the author and making me wish it were real so I could visit it.

We begin with the main female character Minka; who we discover is a broken woman of sorts dealing with the agonizing pain of watching the love of her life marry her sister. You feel for her instantly, and almost relate to her. Every woman has a period of self-doubt, insecurity and the author managed to play it out wonderfully in this novel. You find yourself rooting for Minka. When it comes to raw human emotions, Mika has it written impeccably.

As for the love interest Jason? May I just say ‘wowzer!’ Though there are moments where you question him based on his turbulent past there are far more moments of heat, passion and love that have you hoping they receive their happy ending. The sex scenes are definitely sizzling.

Though I thought the ending a tad rushed I was still very satisfied with it and finished the novel with a smile.  If you’re looking for a quick summer read that will get you hot then this is it!

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