REVIEW – The Promise of Love by Billi Jean

Reviewed by Nicole


I have never read one of Billi Jean’s novels but I have heard terrific things. May I just say that not even half way through this novel did I say out loud to my hubby ‘I’m buying this whole series!’

What I really liked about this novel was that the main character Paris was very relatable. She was a down on her luck in the romance department kind of girl and I know most of us woman have been there at one point. I enjoyed reading about her very much and even giggled a few times at certain lines that came out of her mouth saying out loud ‘I have been there sister!’

David the former SEALS vet was almost every woman’s dream. I found him charming and witty and bam! Did I ever love the instant attraction between him and Paris (there is a rather kinky 3 way scene that only further explores their chemistry and had me feeling bad for David’s friend)!

This story had a few surprises up its sleeves which I adored as I feel it took the story out of the basic erotic subgenre and into a dramatic erotic romance. You really are kept guessing when it comes to whether David and Paris can survive their relationship. I felt myself rooting for them since their very first meeting.

I recommend this to anyone who is into erotic and doesn’t mind a side romance that ties it all together quite nicely.  

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