REVIEW – Procythian Reign (The Proceena Trilogy Book 1) by T. Allen Diaz

Reviewed by Frankie


Procythian Reign is a modern take on the classic struggle of class warfare. In Procythian society, the extreme activists of the lower class “Indigo” citizens are fighting for liberation from the upper class “Blanch” elitists. The setting is worlds away from Earth and in the not-too-distant future of about 300 years from now, give or take.

It’s unsettling to read fiction that hits so close to home. In Diaz’s depiction of the future, corporate leaders become literal world leaders who reign with complete authority over entire planets and their population. As corporate leaders and bankers continue to gain wealth and power back here in reality, and the gulf between the 1% and the rest of us widens, it terrifies me to imagine an evil corporate leader with not only wealth and political power at his disposal, but an entire military and naval fleet at his command. It seems to be a future all too possible. The stranglehold that the corporations and bankers have on our government, holding its people hostage by lining the pockets of the political talking heads seems to indicate the direction of elitist society that Diaz envisions in his so called “fiction”.  One could be so bold as to compare Diaz’s L.J.C. Enterprises to United States’ very own Halliburton.

The great shining hope in this book, is The Guild. Basically a labor union, for the workers and by the workers. They prove that they can affect change when they band together and stand up to “the man”. Unfortunately the masses become easily distracted from their movement and soon forget their blights when they’re gifted with simple pleasures such as booze and strip clubs. It becomes all to easy to forget that they’re being oppressed. Distractions work all too beautifully for those in power. The common people truly believe that their society is just and that they have no reason to rise up against their oppressors. This too, is horrifying in its reflection of Western culture here back in reality. Keep you nose down. Work hard. Never mind your abysmal healthcare. When you get home, have a beer, watch some reality television, and pat yourself on the back. And yet, when the masses do stand up to the evil leader, they can prevail! There is power in numbers; power in solidarity.

This book was very entertaining. It was packed with action. The line between the good guys and the bad guys was ambiguous and kept me on my toes. The plot was unpredictable, which I loved. The end, however apt, saddened me. If you give a man power, his greed is likely to grow. Greed, as I see it, is the root of all evil. I applaud T. Allen Diaz on this fantastic novel of good vs. evil. I can’t wait to discover what’s happening on Proceena in book 2.

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