Review – Porter by David Michael

For me, good writing is when you are so lost in the story you no longer see the words.

Porter - David Michael


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Porter is the eldest of three brothers having followed their father's footsteps into the porn industry, Porter is not just a porn star, he is THE porn star – a superstar. Now he wants to broach into serious acting, but can he do that with his background or is he a PR disaster waiting to happen?

When he is introduced to Holly Nash - a top mainstream casting director - he sees her as his ticket out of the industry. There is only one problem....she hates porn. Holly's attempts to keep her distance are in vain thanks to interference from her friends Becks and Mitch, combined with an inexplicable magnetic pull towards him. Over time Holly gets to see behind Porter's media persona as he reveals himself as a charismatic, charming, sensitive and caring person that breaks the barrier she has constructed bit by bit. However not everyone is happy to see their relationship blossoming.

In the beginning of the book - as you would expect given the nature of Porter's career - there are some cheesy and cringe worthy scenes. However, for me, the beach scenes were a turning point. From there on out the story, along with the writing, only gets better and you can't help but rooting for their relationship. Holly's friends Becks and Mitch bring comedic moments to the book and evoked genuine laughter at their antics. This book really does cover all it's bases: romance, hot sex, comedy, drama, a twist, suspense and a cliffhanger.

A very enjoyable lighthearted and fun read.

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