REVIEW – All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

ainfThis is quite an unusual story, much of it written in first person and mainly from the therapist's point of view. This is not a pleasant read, and from the opening chapter, we experience the most horrific and savage rape of sixteen year old Jenny in the woods edging on to a party attended by older school children. After the event, and much to
the relief of her mother, Jenny can't remember anything of that sickening and vicious attack. But not remembering doesn't mean that all is well within Jenny. She needs to know what happened that night, who did this to her, who branded their mark on her skin.

Dr. Alan Forrester is the therapist who much of the story is written around and narrated by. Jenny is just one of half a dozen or so of his patients who we learn intimate secrets and stories of their lives. Two patients are Jenny's parents, Charlotte and Tom, who both have
their own skeletons and another is Sean Logan who was given controversial drug therapy to make him forget what happened while he was serving in Iraq. Jenny and Sean both need to remember their traumatic pasts so that they can accept and move on with their lives, and Dr. Forrester is key to unlocking those lost memories.

There are several sub-stories and events linking the night of the rape with Dr. Forrester's patients which I found quite gripping and very interesting. This is a very intelligently and technically written book and, having a financial mind rather than a medical one, I occasionally had to re-read sections to fully understand the workings of the brain's reason and capabilities surrounding memory.

This is not a light-hearted read, it requires your attention but is well worth it. It is a very thought-provoking and astute suspense which will have you reading until late into the night to find out what happens. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy
psychological/suspense/crime genres.

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