Review – Mothers, Fathers & Lovers

Reviewed by Laura



This book had one of the best openings I have read in a long time, setting very high expectations, unfortunately, the rest of the book did not live up to them.

In this book we follow Sarah, who's boyfriend is Hollywood's hot new up and coming actor, the press are all over the story of his apparent romance with his new leading lady. Sarah's mother has suffered years of mental illness following her abandonment due to Sarah being the result of an illicit affair with her boss therefore, Sarah has no relationship with her father. As Sarah's own life falls into turmoil she takes a much needed holiday, where each piece of her life and issues are resolved.

This book started with a bang, the reader is thrown in at the deep end and is hooked from the first few pages. However, I then found the next part, where we learn of Sarah's background to be on the slow side. The middle of the book, although the author clearly meant this to be witty, portraying the excessive trashy behavior of Yuleka, I found this to be excessive, becoming more and more ridiculous and outlandishly unbelievable.

Although Sarah did get the happily ever after she and the reader were hoping for, it felt rushed and just too smooth. After a lifetime of mental illness, her mother makes an instant overnight recovery, and Peter? Where did he disappear to? After becoming such a prominent yet mysterious character, he simply vanishes to be forgotten three quarters of the way through the book leaving so many questions about him unanswered.

This book was full of potential, the author clearly has writing ability but for me this missed the mark, there are also a few editing issues that could be tightened. This would not put me off reading anything from this author again in the future, as she has shown us with the opening of this book, she has writing skills, they just need to be honed.

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