Review – Monsters by Emerald Fennell

Reviewed by Angela

Emerald Fennell, of Call The Midwife fame, has created an engaging and rather edgy story for Teenagers/Young Adults. I was a little surprised that by the end of the book we haven't learned the protagonist's name.

Briefly this is a humorous, and at times rather sickening, tale of a boy and a girl spending the school summer holidays in Fowey, a Cornish seaside town, she living at her aunt and uncle's hotel, he on a two week holiday staying with his mother at their hotel. Both children are unhealthily obsessed with murder. It just so happens that a series of murders occur during their short friendship and the two set out to find clues to solve them. Both main characters are strange children, each with unusual backgrounds, and the pages ooze with an undercurrent of discomfort all the way through to the end. There is the strange 'Uncle Fester' type uncle visiting her bedroom at night, the mother bathing with her twelve year old son, and the Carnival Queen scene is disturbingly close to the bone – all great fodder for teenage readers.

This is a well written and well thought out plot with plenty going on to keep the reader turning pages. Teenagers will love it and apart from one lapse, the language is good too.

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