REVIEW – I Was in Love with a Short Man Once: And Other Tales from a Crazy Southern Irish Gal By Kimberly J. Dalferes

Reviewed by Frankie


What can I tell you about this playful read without giving anything away? Reading this book felt like hanging out in the kitchen with a crazy verbose aunt after having midnight margaritas. Dalferes has a way of delivering her tales in such a style that you can almost hear her Southern voice. Each anecdote shared with her reading audience is told with such gaiety and whimsy, that her readers cannot help but laugh out loud.

Each chapter relives moments of Dalferes’ life that were revelatory, sentimental, life-altering, and usually pretty damned funny. With chapter titles such as “My Water Broke Because I Married a Prick”, how can you not be entertained?! The author doesn’t shy away from embarrassing stories wither! You get all the ugly with the beautiful, from her childhood in South Florida, to her partying college years, and on up through marriage and motherhood. Her stories are heartfelt, and her lessons are poignant.

I Was in Love with a Short Man Once is a vivacious book that is perfect for a
spirit-lifting, grab-a-bottle-of-wine read!

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