REVIEW – Lot 28 by Garrett Pomitcher

Reviewed by Heather


I love a fast paced detective novel. "Lot 28" takes us back to the private dicks of yesteryear, set in the 1950s on a Hollywood film lot. This novel would make a great movie...lots a of memorable characters with interesting (albeit cliche) personalities. However, this needs work as a novel. I'm assuming it was meant to be a novella, as it is way too short for status of a novel. There definitely needs to be more buildup to the murder in order to get the reader to really care "who done it". While the characters themselves are vibrant, you don't really get a good look at them or a feel for what they're about. Also, I understand that it's supposed to be set in the 50s, but the slang seemed to be a bit overused. I doubt one would say they were going to "drop a dime" to the cops on "the squawk box" while staring at a murdered body. Nice effort, just falls a bit short of a great book for me.

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