REVIEW – How to Look Happy by Stacey Wiedower

Reviewed by Nicole


I was given this novel to read and review before its release date. Now all I can think is ‘I have a new favorite Chick Lit author!!!’  I have read her work before, Now a Major Motion Picture, and just adored it. I dove into this story with ample excitement and was definitely rewarded for the time I spent reading it. I finished the last half of the novel in one night, forsaking some sleep and never regretting it.

This novel was funny, threw you punches you least expected and delivered well-rounded characters. The main character Jen was down to earth and entirely relatable, especially for any woman who has suffered an extremely bad day like hers. The cliché bucket list storyline was anything but if you can believe it and gave the story a hilarious flare. I loved the relationships with her close friends, finding them to be her safety net and Guru’s.  I need a good ‘supporting cast’ whenever I read a piece of work and these ones were just perfect.

This was a story of growth and bravery as we bump along Jen’s now turbulent life, watching her attempt to pull herself up from the trenches to discover who is worth her time. I love the underlining of Hope thrown into the midst of the story and when it ends I’m delightfully pleased. This story was another home run for Stacey Wiedower. She now has a lifelong fan that is ready to jump into 30 Dates and await the reveal of her next novel!


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