Review – Letting You Go by Anouska Knight

Reviewed by Angela 

3.5 /5

Letting You Go is a well put together romance story full of emotion and past guilt. The Foster family tragically lost their son, Dill, to drowning whilst under the supervision of his older sister, Alex, and her boyfriend, Finn. In particular, Alex and Dill's father just can't let the past go and shows his pent up anger by way of punches to Finn's face each time he meets him. Alex left the family for university and because of all the guilt she's carrying and her father's feeling of disapproval, she doesn't return until her sister, Jem, calls saying their mother has had a stroke. The family unit, back together after several years apart, struggles to keep an equilibrium which their sick mother deserves. Sins of their parents dare to surface when there is suspicion of an affair and a fear of incest. Several villagers begin to play a major role and all the secrets and the webs of deceit become more entangled and start to surface. One revelation and a further twist later, the Foster and Finn families give us a very satisfying read indeed.

I can't honestly say that I liked Anouska Knight's writing style or phraseology. I also felt that the book could have been at least fifty pages shorter without losing any of the plotline or emotion. Overall, yes, a good romance and worth reading.

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