REVIEW – Letters to Myself by Sheryl Lee

Reviewed by Heather


I enjoyed this book a lot. Cassie is a middle aged woman who has a husband with a history of mental illness or chemical imbalance. It's never really clear what the issue is, although Cassie alludes to ADHD several times. Not to say there aren't people out there like Nathan, but this would be an extreme case with comorbidity of another mental illness. That aside, I think the author's portrayal of Cassie and her reactions to being in an abusive relationship are spot on. Her lack of self esteem is frustrating to "watch" throughout the book, but the reader ultimately ends up smiling at the end because of her character's growth. I enjoyed her insight into her own reactions and behavior through her letters.
While there was not much action in this book I think readers who look for a more introspective read will enjoy this one.

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