REVIEW – Jay Walking by Tracy Krimmer

Reviewed by Heather


I read "Caching In" a few months again and Chelsea was one of the characters introduced in the novel. Even though she was a minor character, her actions throughout the novel were repugnant. I really, really didn't like Chelsea and wanted to strangle her throughout most of "Caching In".
Fast forward two years and Chelsea is the main character of "Jay Walking". She's given birth to James, the baby she was pregnant with in the first novel. And my has motherhood changed her. Instead of despising her as I previously did, I felt sorry for her. She's a single mom doing the best she can for her son. She finally decides to do something for herself and get exercising. She meets Jay this way (cute play on words for the title). He's an in shape doctor at a local hospital. Chelsea actually starts to take care of her needs and date Jay, even if most of the time it's just working out.
Enter Daniel, aka "sperm donor". He's suddenly decided that his relationship with his son is important after his wife kicks him out. In reality, he's looking for nookie (aren't they all?). He's very unkind to Chelsea and I hate him instantly. Chelsea's father also doesn't like the bastard. I enjoyed her father's character and his reactions to Chelsea's revelation that she was getting back together with him. It was very realistic for an involved grandfather who doesn't want to see his child or grandchild get hurt.
Throughout the novel all of the characters evolve and grow, some maturing in ways that didn't seem possible. I found this was one of the most enjoyable parts of the book. If you're looking for a fast paced novel with a little drama, a little action, a pinch of romance and a whole lot of self discovery, "Jay Walking" is for you. Check it out for a quick beach won't be disappointed.

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