REVIEW – Hot Stuff Surfing Love

Reviewed by Laura


This book is a must for any beach bag. Lather on your suncream, sunglasses in place and sip on a cocktail while slipping into these fantastic beach reads.

Six star Weekend by Carla Caruso 


Sage is on holiday, clearly needing an escape from reality and is lapping up the luxury of her 6-star resort. Deciding that it has been too long and she needs some no strings attached sex; enter Harley, a surfer with the body to match. So ensues a hot little encounter with a nice twist at the end.

The author takes us through this story at brake neck speed,  I would have preferred to have more time to connect with the characters or to indulge in their hotter moments. The story had all the key ingredients but it felt more like a full length novel stripped of all of the details in order to make a short story.

The Bluff by Maria Lewis


Ever is at the top of her surfing game and is about to take on the biggest surf and risk of her life, but when her wingman has to pull out she is shocked when his replacement is a familiar face.

I loved this story and was sucked in right from the beginning, it would be a fantastic start to a full length novel but also read perfectly as a short story, this had the perfect mix of sexual tension and gripping story.

Song of the Sea by Alli Sinclair


Lexi Leonard and Miguel Ferreira are both suffering fear and anxiety of failure with past experiences holding them back. Can they help each other "to stop letting past failures dictate their future."

This was a very sweet story of facing your fears and finding love in the process.

Destiny in a Day Tess Woods


Gemma is looking for escape and what better place to get your life in order, than on the other side of the world sitting on the beach looking out to sea, obviously with the odd glance in the direction of the hot lifeguard.

This is a beautiful story of two broken souls coming together to mend each other and prepare for a brighter future. I wanted to read far more on these characters and I am hoping that this was just an introduction to them.

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