REVIEW – Guessing at Normal by Gail Ward Olmsted

Reviewed by Laura


We have all had day dreams of becoming rich or famous and how glamorous a life we could lead. This day dream becomes a reality for Jill, when she meets the up and coming rocker James Sheridan while working in a run down motel. Throwing all caution to the wind she joins him and his band along with his moody twin Alex on the road. Jill finds herself propelled into the limelight when it's her song lyrics that rockets James' career to stardom. Yes there is the fame, the glitz and the glamour, but we also get to see the other side through Jill's eyes, the nomadic lifestyle, the pretentiousness of the business and the fickle media. With drink, drugs, sex and every temptation literally right under their noses it's not quite the life of her dreams.

This is a great and insightful book that will have you gripped from the very beginning. Jill although lacking in self confidence and unsure of herself is a very strong female lead, James I could never quite make my mind up on him and my thoughts swung back and forth more than a pendulum. Although this book portrays the excitement of the glitz and glamour it also has a very melancholy tone, it didn't quite reach the happily ever after I was hoping for, and yet the writing kept me turning the pages and even after finishing, I was still hoping for more.

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