REVIEW – Give Me Your Answer True by Suanne Laqueur

Reviewed by Nicole


Joyfully speechless; the first thought that popped into my head as I read the very last line of Give Me Your Answer True (that and Well Done Suanne Laqueur, Well Done!).  I was so happy, and yet had no words to describe the intensity of this story just yet.

Suanne Laqueur had done it again. With her first novel, The Man I Love we were introduced to a pair of intense lovers and their close-knit group of friends all embarking on a journey together in between dance rehearsals and romances. That novel was so perfectly written that when tragedy fell upon them you felt it in your heart and soul, in your bones.

This novel tells the point of view of Daisy, and if you had read The Man I Love, the connection you felt for her character in that was suddenly brought back to life in this story.  The pain you felt Erik go through in The Man I Love after her betrayal was to me agonizing, but Daisy’s? Hers was unbearable. That’s how terrific her side of the story is written.  We are by her side through the withdrawal of heavy drugs, her desire for release through cutting, the companionship of a shrink who becomes a dear friend and overall evolution as a woman trying to come to terms with a horrific crime she barely lived through.

There were moments of gasping out loud and shrieks of denial when you read through the lovers who que up to try and replace Erik. There were moments of sorrow as you read Daisy’s pain, adopt it into your own veins as if she were real and you were her dearest friend. There were moments of her happiness that made you smile and think ‘finally!’

Yet it was how Suanne was able to write of Daisy’s growth and strength throughout this story that really struck a cord with me. That had you rooting more than ever for this fictional character. This story continued to bring a tidal wave of emotions like the first did, and the writing was perfection. This is a MUST read.

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  1. Suanne Laqueur

    Thank you so much, Nicole! I’m thrilled you chose to come on this journey with me and take a chance with an alternate POV to a story you already knew. Your review fills me with so many things – relief, triumph and joy. My many many thanks again!

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