REVIEW – Endure by S E Hall

Reviewed by Laura


Usually in my review I cover a summary of the plot, but, and this is a first for me, this time I am not going to. This book was an automatic download for me and I hadn't even read the synopsis, and that is exactly the way you should read this book, of course after reading them in order beginning with Emerge.

I fell in love with the crew in Emerge and have followed their journey through Entangled and Embrace. When I started reading Endure, initially, I thought I had missed a book in between before realisation dawned, and I was in for more than a surprise or two.
This was clearly a finale for the crew (although I do hope there may be more from the squad with a glimpse at the crew again). The characters are all so unique, well developed and their rapport like no other. They all feel like real people I have fallen in love with. When they are together there is sure to be drama, laughs, camaraderie, and heartache. Sawyer is sure to get them all in trouble and Dane will be there to bail them out. They have grown up together through the highs and the lows, they have been there to support each other in the hard times and have shared the fun and laughter in the good times, their histories are all intertwined and are one story to tell.

Reading Endure was bittersweet, it had been a little while since I had read the previous three books and it brought back so many memories of their characters in the early days, to see how they had developed was fantastic, heartwarming and gut wrenching. I laughed my way through this book while battling with tears threatening to spill over at any moment, that is until the final paragraph and I was gone, as we were taken back to where it all began with Laney and Even. Tod and Copper.

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