Review – Embers of Starlight by Sonia De Leon

Embers of Starlight - Sonia De Leon 


This book starts with very much the standard YA format, but what you get is so very different. I was hooked from the very first shockingly brutal page. Through Tula - a well developed and easy to love main character,  Sonia De Leon delves headfirst into some very difficult topics.

Mental illness, bereavement, domestic abuse - both emotional and psychical - rape, sex trafficking and drug use. Certainly not easy subjects to read and perhaps too many for one book, however the author carries you along completely gripped with this story and has a very easy to read style of writing. Given some of the subject matter it almost seems contradictory to say how much I enjoyed this book, but be warned it is certainly not for the faint hearted or easily offended and does end on a cliff hanger.  The ending of the book leaves you no option but to eagerly anticipate the sequel.

If you are looking for a highly emotional dark read then this is the book for you!

Favorite Quote

My delusions live in hope, and if there is one thing I have learned about suffering, it's that hope is the one factor lying between victory and defeat.  This journey called life is a twisted and sometimes torturous road, but there can be so much joy along the way.  I vow to search for that joy, and to bask in every moment of happiness within my grasp.

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