REVIEW – Dear Darling by Ellen Faith

Reviewed by Nicole


Surprisingly entertaining! It’s rare that I read a book written in Diary form and it isn’t usually a format that I would think of enjoying, but Ellen knocked this story out of the park!

Her main character Ellie is amusing, upbeat and downright genuine. As you read her entries and join her on the trials that are her life you will most definitely find something to relate to. Be it her crush on her swoon worthy boss, her fantastic and charming best friends, or even a certain work colleague who you wouldn’t trust picking up your coffee. The handful of surprises thrown poor Ellie’s way by life keep this story flowing and mesmerising. I laughed out loud at a few one liners that came out of Ellie’s mouth and couldn’t help but say out loud ‘that would be great on a t-shirt!’

Ellen has such a knack with creating characters that are well developed, interesting and beyond cliché; no matter if they are the protagonist or the antagonist. The pace of the story kept you on the edge of your seat and when it was over I was searching for the words ‘To Be Continued…’

A definite must read for any chick lit lover out there!

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