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Reviewed by Heather


Loved Pieces of It All so I was eager to read this novel. While it was a sweet and fun read, it wasn't as deep as Pieces of It All and that disappointed me slightly as I had set up my expectations for a similar book. That being said, Caching In was an enjoyable, quick read that introduced me to the activity of Geocaching. I have to admit, it seems like a fun thing to do and I've been hinting to my husband since reading this that I'd like to participate (he's a bit of an "indoor girl" so it probably won't happen...haha). I would have liked to see more of the geocaching in the novel (leaves it open for a geocaching sequel though).

"Sarcasm with a side of honesty" is how Ally describes herself. I think that's what I liked most about her. I can relate to such a description as it is how I try to live my own life. Ally was a very real character who made a lot of mistakes and her personality was quite inconsistent at times (which to me is the hallmark of a REAL character). I loved toward the end when she was "not a good friend". It is so refreshing to see protagonists that aren't so syrupy sweet and perfect all the time. Several times I wanted to scream at her for jumping to conclusions and acting hastily.

Daryl? What a sleaze! Same with Josh. Ugh. I wouldn't have even let him open his mouth (See how I internalize all the stuff that happens in the book?). And Chelsea...oh how I hated her! I was so mad at her throughout most of the book and wanted to shake Ally for continuing to be her friend, but then I thought about it...isn't that what we all do? We have friends that piss us off to no end, breaking our hearts, but we take them back most of the time because mostly, the time you've invested in a friendship is worth the pain.

Seth. Seth was a more realistic guy, one who screws up, but only because he's had pain. He's the kind of guy you can take home to your mother. I think their relationship progressed a little to quickly for my tastes, but hell, it's been ages (ahem...22 years) since I've dated so I have no idea how these thing work. And I am NOT a One Direction fan in the least, but I thought the little "One Direction" twist at the end was adorable.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel (especially all the flawed characters) and I looking forward to a Caching In sequel!

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  1. I’m glad you loved the book! Don’t worry – you’re getting a sequel this summer in Jay Walking. However, this is Chelsea’s story two years later 🙂 Ally & Seth are not in the book.

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