REVIEW – Boned on Bluecreek – Moxie Darling

Reviewed by Nicole


This is the sequel in the Backroads Trilogy and can be read as a stand-alone.  Having read the first novel in this series by Moxie Darling, I was expecting this one to be full of out of the box steamy scenes and a light romance. I was dead wrong. Though this sequel had a handful of kinky scenes there was a back story behind them that tugged on my heart strings.

We meet Willow who has been hired by single father Teddy to care for his children. She has a connection to Clover from the first book and I really liked how their friendship was portrayed in this novel.  Like Clover, Willow is very free with sex and easy-going though not as into a three way relationship was her friend.

Teddy’s welcome to Willow is less than kind, and we quickly find him to be brooding and silent; not an easy man to get along with. The attraction is almost instant and so well written you immediately get the feeling it could be more than just sex with the two characters.

There are moments that had me smiling (any moment with the well written exceptional children) and there are moments that had me want to tear my hair out (any moment where Teddy denies his feelings).

Again Moxie Darling managed to write a quick, steamy read with an in-depth dramatic love story that had you begging for more by the last page. I seriously wish it was longer and I CANNOT wait for the third in this series!

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