REVIEW – The Back Nine by Gia Stone

Reviewed by Nicole


If you’re looking for a quick steamy read then this is it! I read this in one night and am recommending it to anyone who likes to read raunchy stories with a dramatic storyline beneath the explicit scenes. This story was a little over thirty thousand words and by the time I was finished I was pleased at how well everything was wrapped up without feeling as if it were rushed to end.

We open with Brooke, whose mind was previously enclosed on excelling her career and her no nonsense desire to bed the sexy golf instructor Alec. The cat and mouse game in the start began to drive me crazy, its praise to author Gia Stone for making the beginning extremely enticing.

I was surprised to find depth in a story so obviously about sex, and enjoyed every minute of the plot below the sexy scenes. Both Brooke and Alex are likeable from the moment we meet them and you’re rooting for their relationship from the very start. They are a well written couple with a strong attraction, who struggle to admit tender feelings bubbling up alongside of their sexual chemistry.

A great debut novel!

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