REVIEW – Afraid of her Shadow by Carol Maloney Scott

Reviewed by Nicole


This story had me smiling from the first page to the very last. We meet Rebecca, an innovative independent woman who loves her two cats entirely and whose dreams never revolved around the white-picket-fence-soccer-mom scenario. We learn quickly that she has her heart captured by an avid bug-collector Steve who deems to make their relationship more serious as time goes by. Quickly we find Rebecca dealing with a deceased wife’s hold on Steve and a very sexy man from her past she just can’t shake.

Being a cat lady, and once fiercely independent myself I was drawn to the main character easily. I immediately liked everything about her; her undying devotion to her two cats, her quirky comebacks and even her way of thinking. I found myself laughing at the twists and turns that appeared and found the book hard to put down after the first few chapters. The pace was perfect. Carol Maloney Scott’s writing flowed exceptionally well, and the development of her characters was strong and believable. This is the second in this series but can be read as a standalone novel, although trust me, you will be picking up her first novel There Are No Men the moment you finish this incredible laugh out loud story.

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