Review – Pippa Franks Grace me with your presents

Reviewed by Nicole


The synopsis of this novel intrigued me. I had a feeling it would be more than just your average ‘chick flick’. Despite this story holding some very predictable clichés, I was pleasantly surprised by it in the end. More so, surprised at how much I fell in love with the supporting cast. Not only had Pippa managed to invent characters colorful and interesting but also very genuine. They brought humor into the story in a unique way.

Grace herself was easy to like and I found my heart bled for her undoubtedly. Feeling lonely that her only daughter left for school, unsure of the future of her marriage and upset that her aunt was injured and battling a disease of which there is no cure, it was easy to see how anyone could be lost. She was a realistic character; I could picture her, understand her and agree with things she said and did.

There were a few surprises along the way that caught me off guard, in particular Grace’s big secret which rounded the story nicely. By the last few pages this story put me in the Christmas mood and I can only rightfully describe this story as completely charming.  Pippa Franks has a new fan in me that’s for sure!

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