REVIEW – Peace and Disquiet

p&dPeace and Disquiet is a collection of short stories which are certainly of the more creepy and disquieting side rather than peaceful. All the stories feature death and/or demise of a curious nature often with a little twist or a feeling of all is not what it first seems. The intriguing and deadly overtones remind me very much of the televised 1970's series Tales of The Unexpected.

'Til Death Us Do Part is one of the more peaceful sweet stories of an elderly couple who have been through everything together – wars, marriage, children and finally want to end their days together – very touching.

Lucky Jim is one of my favourites, who turns out to be anything but.

My Name is Not Simon was one of the most beautifully and poetic written stories. The descriptions and language used is bewitching and memorable. It moved me very much and left me guessing right to the end what and who it was about.

If you want really scary and disquieting, Charming Viola should do it for you! A story of the three famous hear/see/speak no evil monkeys – totally sinister.

A very well written and well chosen selection of short unsettling stories – much recommended.

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