How to Bake the Perfect Apple Pie by Gina Henning

Reviewed by Nicole

4 ½ / 5

Firstly, read this with apple pie or pecan pie because both are mentioned so often I got a huge rumbling to eat them. Secondly, have wine while you read this because the beverage along with actual blends is used just as often as the mention of pies.

Where to start with the novel? Other than to mention that I ADORED it! My only mistake was not reading the first two novels before this one. Even though I hadn’t read the two prior the author was great at catching you up with what you missed without dragging it out and spoiling everything.

In the third instalment we find our leading lady Lauren Hauser juggling a new promotion, a new team of employees, unwanted advances, a long distance relationship and the recipe for the perfect apple pie. Talk about stress!

Right away you feel the longing she has for her new fiancé who is miles away from her running his own businesses. As the author describes their romance and her new husband to be, I felt an instant thrill and an instant heartache for them being apart. As the story goes on the ache she gets, despite seeing him every chance they get, just grows worse as she comes to grip with her new position in the company and working with a team of direct employees. Throw in a flirty hunk and her troubles worsen!
Then there is the pie she must bake on the fourth of July per request of her beloved grandma. Gina Henning does a remarkable job in depicting the steps, the taste and even the smell of each pie that Lauren makes. I’m not even a fan of apple pie but I craved a piece at least several times!

Lauran Hauser is a down to earth, modern career woman whose thoughts get away from her when she is away from the man who holds her heart. Something every woman in a relationship can admit to at some point. I found myself attached to her after a few chapters, again most likely because I hadn’t read the first two novels, and could not put the novel down until I knew how her story ended. There are moments with her family and friends that feel so real you can imagine yourself stepping into the scene. You can imagine giggling with them or rolling your eyes with them. The writing was truly superb.
When the novel did come to a close I was behind ecstatic to find out there would surely be a fourth installment and I absolutely cannot wait to read her next adventure! Recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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