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hangin with authors MELBOURNE, FL — Author and journalist G.W. Pomichter is pleased to announce the launch of his latest independent venture, “Hangin With Authors.”  The web-series, a short format video interview, debuted at the Indie BookFest 2015 in Orlando Florida, where it was a big success with readers, bloggers and authors alike.

Being an indie author or artist has some difficult hurdles.  One such hurdle according to Pomichter is marketing themselves and gaining media exposure.

“Hangin With Authors,” is a web-based talk-show that allows independent artists the opportunity to talk about their experiences as indie authors, publishers, designers and editors.  It also gives them a chance to connect with potential readers and customers in a friendly social way that enhances their appeal.

Using the popular backstage-style video service hangwith.com to conduct live on air interviews in concert with other services such as YouTube and Podcasting, to air recorded shows, “Hangin With Authors” is a show designed for easy syndication to popular book and reader blogs, online magazines and author websites.  This helps to grow the audience faster than traditional media formats, and will help expand an indie author’s reach by adding it to that of others in the industry in the same way as social media, but with more targeted results.

“This is an exciting project for me,” Pomichter said of the show launch.  “As a journalist and an indie author, it gives me an opportunity to combine my passions and help fellow writers at the same time.  It is a true honor to be a part of this industry at this revolutionary time.”

To debut “Hangin With Authors,” Pomichter joined forces with other heavy hitters on the web.  F. Kenneth Taylor’s “Some’n Unique” Magazine and book blog “Books, Chocolate & Wine,” helped to ensure greater reach for early episodes across the internet.

“These are some terrific and talented people who have been at the forefront of this movement to bring great artists to consumers,” Pomichter said.  “Working with them has been a privilege, and has given our artists greater exposure than we could have hoped.”

Hangin With Authors is set to begin regularly scheduled LIVE broadcasts each Saturday beginning Aug. 22, 2015 and is already pre-recording remote interviews that will air as weekly podcasts.  Past episodes are available on Pomichter’s YouTube channel.

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