Guest blog post by Tess Woods

14 reasons why writers need writer friends.

By Tess Woods.

In 2014 I had no writer friends. Not one. And then in December 2014, I signed a contract with HarperCollins and my editor there suggested I get onto Facebook and meet the other HC authors. I did and after 41 years of life, I’ve found my soul mates! I’ve never had writer friends before because I’ve never written before. My friends are high school buddies, friends from my job as a physio, school mum friends – all these people are friends from my life journey and up until lately that journey didn’t include writing. My non-writer friends (and family) have been a great support to me and I love them for it, but now that I have made so many new writer friends in the last six months, I finally feel understood. These people are as crazy as I am! I can’t put into words the relief and sense of belonging that my kind of crazy is not unique and I’m overjoyed to have people sharing with me the particular brand of lunacy that belongs only to writers. So here are my top 14 reasons why all writers need writer friends!

1. They too no longer know how to sit at a coffee shop and have a coffee without eyes darting the whole time looking for possible storylines from the barista, the wait staff, the customers, the dude walking past...
2. They cried with you like there was no tomorrow when the actor, Jonathon Crombie, who played Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables died.
3. They think it’s normal to be on the verge of dropping dead with exhaustion and yet still manage to stay up until 3 am writing “the next bit.”
4. They also think it’s normal to stay up until 3 am reading “the next bit” of someone else’s book.


5. They too have their whole day’s mood depend on whether some random person they have never met and will never meet gave their book a one star or five star review on Goodreads.
6. They send you hand clapping emoticons when you announce on Facebook you have written two thousand words in a day. They understand the triumph of this.
7. They gloss over the fact that to get to those two thousand words you also spent an hour and a half looking at overnight oat recipes on Pinterest and then another hour on YouTube watching cute kitten videos.
8. They are as excited as you are when you discover (on Buzzfeed when you should be writing) that there is a whole series of book shaped dinner serving wear. And book shaped vases too!
9. They know that after spending thousands of hours writing and editing, you need to hear more than “oh by the way your book was great” and they take the time to write reviews that make you feel all gooey and fuzzy inside.
10. They don’t think you’re crazy when you speak about your characters as real people in your life.
11. They’re writers – so their Facebook posts are hilarious and smart and engaging and are not just limited to tagging themselves at various places, taking endless selfies and commenting on My Kitchen Rules posts.


12. They know that when you are knee deep in an edit, the only necessary form of nutrition is chocolate and coke zero. A week of this diet is totally acceptable to them.
13. They are chained to their computers so they see your Facebook messages straight away and you get to instantly connect with them when you need it most. No wait time on replies!
14. You think they are fractionally crazier than you, so by comparison you are doing okay and are relatively normal but what you don’t realise is that they are feeling the exact same way about you. So you help each other to feel smugly sane.

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  1. Tess, I love this. Very fond of #3 and #4 but #8 speaks to me. Now I have to go searching for those book shaped dinner plate. Great post.

    • Thanks Jennie, my birthday is coming up, I’ve been seriously hinting for a book vase 🙂

  2. Excellent post. But what did you mean when you said my characters aren’t real? 🙂

    • Jen of course yours are real! No I meant everyone except you! Avery – totally real!!

  3. Oh, Tess, your list is absolutely perfect and I found myself nodding and laughing as I read them. There is so much to love about this post and I am very happy and grateful to have you as one of my gorgeous writing friends.

  4. Thank you gorgeous Alli, and I’m the friend who makes you feel smugly sane yeah? xx

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