Greater Expectations by Alexander McCabe

Reviewed by Frankie


Pair with a bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz. Such a masculine love tale deserves a burly wine that is both spicy and fruity. It’s less expensive than a French syrah, but just as sturdy. Perfect for your down-to-earth read.

Greater Expectations is written from a perspective that I have never before encountered during my reading pleasures: a man’s view on divorce, dating, and sex. I’m not talking about the lovey dovey fairytale romances of Nicholas Sparks. No, our main character is a man’s man. He’s a truck driver with a fairly average life, foul tongued friends, and a hard on for attractive buxom females.

Z, as in the British pronunciation of Zed not Zee, begins his story with the demise of his marriage, and quickly sets out on a wild rebound of sexual adventure, all while inadvertently succumbing to love once more. Now, I’ve read a fair amount of erotica and romance, and can assure you that Z’s sexcapades are relayed to the reader in the most crass, unabashed and sometimes downright vulgar manner than most readers are accustomed to….which made it all the more provocative. The sexual encounters spanned from the erotic to the revolting, and always explicitly detailed. I was firmly engaged in all of the comical nuances, often times (admittedly) more than a bit turned on, and never bored. Alaxander McCade surely knows how to entertain!

The surprising element was how McCabe managed to create such depth and emotion throughout this raw and unfiltered novel. Underneath the raunch and filth, is a heart warming love story. Although the ending was quite predictable, I would have been livid if the story had concluded in any other way. I found myself championing Z the entire novel, and McCabe did not disappoint!

If crude language and indelicate fucking narratives are offensive to you, I recommend reading another book. This writing is not for the faint of heart Nancy. However, if you can appreciate the unrefined and beautiful simplicity that is the heterosexual male psyche, I think you’re in for a treat. Greater Expectations is dirty and deliciously loveable, all at the same time.

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