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As I sat down to write a guest post for this wonderful site, I became fixated with the awesome name Laura chose. What could possibly go better together than books, chocolate and wine? These are undoubtedly three of my favorite things in the world–if we’re not including people in the mix, of course. In my estimation, books, chocolate and wine are truly life essentials and here’s why:

They’re delectable!

I know what you’re thinking. Duh! (Sometimes I delight in stating the obvious.) But seriously, everyday life often yields a fair share of stress and angst. How better to combat such feelings than to indulge in rich, flavorful goodies? When I’ve had a particularly trying day (I have a four-year-old son who knows NO limits, so this happens often), sitting down with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates and my favorite book allows me to transform myself into the happy, rational, dare I say enthralling, person I was a few hours earlier. The restorative powers these items possess should not be overlooked.

(My favorite red wine!)

They each feed your soul in different ways.

Reading a good book fills your mind with wonder. You become engrossed in a complex fictional world and find yourself hanging on the author’s every word. Wine gives you the boldness you need to carry on through the more difficult parts of any plot. (Sometimes it can be positively frightening to turn that page!) And the chocolate? It’s like the punctuation at the end of an exceptionally meaningful passage in a book–it gives just enough sweetness to either accentuate or soften the point.

(One of my favorite books.)

You can share with others or take it all for yourself.

If you’re in the mood for company, a book club meeting with a few bottles of wine and smorgasbord of chocolate should do the trick. A gathering such as this allows you to sample a variety of options–be it vintages, confections or opinions. If you’ve had the kind of day where you want to be a hermit, well, you can just hole yourself up with your favorite choices and shut the world out for a while. Reality is definitely overrated!

(My sister-in-law’s chocolate peanut butter cups.)

There are limitless choices.

According to Google, 129,000,000 books have been published thus far. Granted, your selection pool will be much smaller accounting for your genres of choice, but take heart! New books are being published every day. With over 10,000 varieties of wine and thousands of chocolate selections (Google didn’t list this number; clearly their priorities are out of whack) to pair your books with, you will never run out of possibilities. A joyous thought indeed.

There you have it, peeps! Books, chocolate and wine make up the elusive trifecta which brings happiness of epic proportions. Just like Laura’s blog.

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