To Have Forgotten – Tessa Brookfield

Reviewed by Laura


Tiffany lives in an extravagant and lavish home with her high school sweetheart. She has a job she loves and, despite her husband working exceptionally long hours and often away for weeks at a time, she is very happy and content.

A shocking revelation sends her off hiking in the trails where a fall causes temporary memory loss. She is taken in and cared for by John, an elderly man she has befriended through her walking. His granddaughter, Jade, takes an instant shine to Tiffany but the same cannot be said for her father Blaise who, despite Tiffany's attraction towards him, seems to have an instant and unfathomable hatred towards her.

As Tiffany's memory returns bit by bit, Blaise's harsh and cool exterior melts away as his past is revealed, bringing his ex wife into the story along with a dose of drama and suspense.

This story gripped me from the very first page and the chemistry between the main characters is palpable, with the romantic scenes both tasteful and sensual - there is enough detail for you to know what is going on with out being overly graphic, leaving the rest to the imagination.

There are many plot twists and turns with a few surprises that I did not see coming. The book carries a tantalizing air of suspense throughout and leaves you with an enticing cliff hanger.

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