Review – Finding Brynn by Sky Greene

Reviewed by Nicole


A coming of age story with a splash of humor and intrigue!   I am a sucker for any type of ‘starting over’ chick lit and a ‘finding yourself’ type of story. Finding Brynn was both so I couldn’t wait to dive into it.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the main character Brynn entertaining and down to earth with a slight adventurous side just waiting to peek! Don’t get me wrong, though parts of this novel made you giddy there were quite a few points that brought you back down to earth. Her relationship with Ned for starters, who I found adorable, begins light slowly teetering towards a heartrending end that almost had me shedding a tear for both of them.  Sky Greene manages to put the hammer to the nail as she writes about the trials of a long distance relationship and I think it’s something most readers, whether in one or not, can connect with.

There was one very large twist in the novel that made my jaw drop. It was perfectly thought out and beautifully yet tragically written that it only made the story flow even better than before. This was a quick read for me that brought on numerous levels of emotion and I highly recommend it to anyone who adores chick lit with a dramatic flair!

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