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Alarm Clock DawnAlarm Clock Dawn, author Eric Vance Walton's debut novel, is the chilling story of a world only decades ahead of our own. Adam Harkin is an employee of XenTek, the most powerful corporation the world has ever known. Adam begins to question the purpose of his existence in a world where people are no longer citizens; they are merely consumers. Every aspect of a person's role in society is to be determined by one number-their credit score. The planet is protesting corporate greed and insatiable consumerism through crippling super storms that erupt without warning. In a race against time, thousands of people are waking up from this nightmare, burning their Consumer Identification Cards and doing the only thing they can to strike back-dropping out of this toxic society. One by one they join the camps outside the cities. The fate of humanity itself is at stake and the clock is ticking. One question haunts their fragile optimism: Is it already too late?

Author Bio

Eric Vance Walton

Eric Vance Walton was born in Columbus, Ohio (U.S.). He moved to the Twin Cities area in 1995 where he currently resides.

Eric attended Columbus State Community College in Columbus where he studied literature. He has also taken numerous writing courses at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and has attended a short story workshop taught by C. Michael Curtis of The Atlantic. He won the James Thurber Treat Prize for his fable, "The Heiress and the Pea" in 2005.

Over the past two decades Eric has self published two children's books, a collection of poetry, a book on meditation, and his debut novel, Alarm Clock Dawn was published in 2013. Alarm Clock Dawn is the first installment of a trilogy of novels. The second novel, Truth Is Stranger, is currently being written and is  scheduled for a Q4 2015 release and the third book, Dream No More is slated for a 2016 release. Eric's first traditionally published book, One Word At A Time: Finding Your Way as an Indie Author is a book on the craft of writing and was published in 2014.

His poems have appeared in several literary journals including, Page and Spine, Leaves of Ink, and Stray Branch, as well as regional publications, The Edge Magazine and The Short North Gazette.


Can you tell us a little more of what your book is about?

The book is a dystopian novel with a significant plot twist at the end. Alarm Clock Dawn is all about the importance of creating and maintaining a balanced and fair society.

What are you hoping the reader takes from your book?
I'm hoping this book makes people stop and think about our modern society and how unnatural and toxic so many aspects of it are. I want people to remember that things don't bring happiness and their self worth should not be tied to their net worth.

When did the idea for the book come to you?

The idea for Alarm Clock Dawn came to me around 2002, almost a full ten years before it was written. I had no idea how to write a novel so most of it stayed stuck in my head for a decade until I had time to learn the craft of writing long fiction.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I found my love of writing when I was 14-15 years old. I made my English class laugh with a comedic story I wrote for an assignment. When I realized that my words could move people emotionally I was hooked.

I wanted to be a doctor, a computer programmer, or a ninja as a small child. I apparently wanted to keep all of my options open.

Where do you write?

When I have the time to set aside time I write on the second story of our bungalow. I have a nice little writing nook set up. Most often I writing on my iPhone while on the go.

Is this your ideal location or is there some other place you would love to be while you write?

My master plan is to write my third novel while traveling the world. My second novel, Truth Is Stranger, will be released later this year and it will absolutely need to catch fire for my master plan to come to fruition but I am hopeful. Recently my brother and I found out that our ancestors hail from Oxhill Parish in Warwickshire, England. I'd like to spend some time there a learn more about my roots.

What gives you inspiration for your writing?

The act of creating is my inspiration. Writing fills me with so much hope, so much positive energy. Writing is my savior. I also love connecting with my readers and do this as often as possible.

If you could go out for a meal with any author who would it be and why?

I would have a nice vegetable curry with Paramahansa Yogananda. He wrote my favorite book, Autobiography of a Yogi and has been an amazing influence in my life. I would love to spend a few hours conversing with him.

Give us one pet hate or guilty pleasure...Or both!

Pet Hate: Being interrupted, Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Voice.

Share one random fact about yourself.

I bungee jumped off from a height of 15 stories when I was 22 years old. I would never have had the nerve to jump if my girlfriend hadn't of done it first. This simple act extinguished many of my fears in life.

What's next?

My main goal in the next few years will be transitioning out of my day job to write full time. While finishing my trilogy of novels I want to pursue getting all three made into films. I want to spend the rest of my life traveling the world with my wife, meeting new friends, learning about different cultures, and writing as much as possible.

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