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Review – Secret of the Tombs; The Dragon Path by Helen Moss

Reviewed By Rory (10 year old child reviewer) 4.5/5 When Ryan and Cleo visit Cleo's Grandmother she hands something over to Cleo.  Cleo is told to return this item back to the 'Dragon Path' located in China.  However this isn't and easy task as Cleo and Ryan come face to face with teracotta warriors and…
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REVIEW – Secret of the Tombs (The Phoenix Code 1) by Helen Moss

Reviewed by Rory (child reviewer) 5/5 (Age 9-13) Secret of the Tombs – The Phoenix Code 1 is written by the author Helen Moss and is a children's book about two kids, Ryan and Cleo who are on a dangerous quest to solve the ‘Phoenix Code’. Will they find the ‘Benben Stone’ before their enemies…
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The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe

Reviewed by Rory (kids corner reviewer) 5/5 (age 4-10) The Christmas Present written by Alexander McCabe is a book with a hidden message in it.  Did you know that there is an elf that watches you all the time and your elf has the same name as you?Gabriel doesn’t believe in Santa in it’s up…
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