Bring Me Back by Jennifer Collin

Reviewed by Nicole


I will admit that when I first dove into this novel it took me a while to really get into it. However, around chapter four things got very interesting for the main characters and I was immediately sucked in!  I have never read the previous novels in the Evans Trilogy but after this one I am placing them on my TBR pile. This novel can be read as a standalone.

We meet Annie as she is climbing the ladder of success with only one thing standing in the way. I wasn’t overly keen on Annie as the novel began but she grew on me more and more. By the time I was half way through I was cheering her on as she tried to right a wrong she felt she had committed and save her career at the same time. She was a smart, determined and strong female lead that I found inspiring as this story went on. What is worth the mention is the character’s unique Steampunk fashion sense and her love for it.

Her old friend Andy certainly doesn’t make anything easier for her when they finally collide after six years, but I was surprised and delighted by the chemistry I felt between the two characters. They were both written to be perfectly in sync with each other. There is an emotional tension you feel as the story goes on and there are moments your heart yearns for what you wish the characters could say to each other.

When I put the book down, realizing I was finished with the story of Annie and Andy, I was a bit disappointed that their story was over.  If you want a read that pulls you in and leaves you aching for more every time you have to set it down to resume with ‘real life’, then this is it.  A solid four out of five.  

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