REVIEW – Borrow a Bridesmaid by Anne Wagener

Reviewed by Nicole


What a fun read! First of all, I found Anne Wagener’s writing to be catchy. There wasn’t a section of the book that I thought seemed out of place, whether it is a conversation between characters or a description of a scene. Secondly, though this may seem like a cliché storyline it was actually very well thought out and planned, becoming its own tale. I have read several novels with this concept before and will admit that this was my absolute favorite.

We meet the main character Piper, a woman juggling an egotistical ex-boyfriend teetering on celebrity, a dead end job with an assortment of friends who love and support her. She is highly lovable with her quirky attitude and a zest for the new career venture she has put herself on; Hire a Bridesmaid.

Anne was able to create a variety of characters that kept you on your toes. There was an eccentric demanding bride, a dashing love interest who made you swoon and even a cringe-worthy but laughable first date you hope you never have to experience. Throughout this story we see Piper grow into a stronger woman, who forms bonds with people who meant to only be a passing chapter in her life. This was a feel good novel, and I guarantee that you will laugh out loud. I highly recommend it to all lovers of Chick Lit.


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