Heather's Interview with Heidi Perks 


1. I devoured this book in one day... the writing was fast paced and interesting. I enjoy novels written from different perspectives because it's like picking up a new story every chapter. Do you usually write this way or was this book an exception?

Firstly, thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I do tend to write in a number of voices, the book I am working on now is written in the same way. I don’t set out to do this but I do tend to find that my stories benefit from it as there are so many perspectives to look at and I enjoy weaving each story together until they begin to show the whole picture.

2. These characters were incredibly rich and well fleshed out. Where did you find the inspiration for them? (I won't tell 😉  )

Thankfully none of them are inspired by any one person I know!! The characters in this book just naturally grew. I had an idea about the type of women I wanted Kathryn and her mother, Eleanor, to be and over the course of writing the story I made them a little more unstable and evil as time went on. But as for Abi and the other girls I didn’t start with a complete picture of their characters. I allowed events to shape them instead and would figure out how I thought they might react or act as I went along depending on what happened to them. I think there are always parts of people we know or observe that become a part of our characters but I was definitely not inspired by any one person!

3. Like mothers sometimes have a favorite child, authors have a favorite book (or scene in a book). What was your favorite part of this book?

Wow, that’s an interesting one. There were certain scenes I enjoyed writing the most because they were challenging. I enjoyed writing the scene at the end where there is a confrontation (without giving too much away) because I felt like this was what much of the story had been building up to. I also had to really delve deep to consider how the characters would behave, what they would say and what I thought the outcome should be.
I enjoyed writing many of Kathryn’s scenes too, because I felt I had a bit of freedom with her behaviour. She rarely did what I expected her to!
4. I had to write a scene once where a child died in my novel. It was painful and I found myself crying buckets just writing it. Sometimes we have to write those painful scenes though. What was the most painful scene in your book to write?

That is a really tough one to write and I admire you for even tackling it. There are certain things I know I couldn’t do because I would find them to painful as you say. There were scenes with Abi that I found difficult because I really felt for her and didn’t like what had happened to her. Sometimes I wanted things to work out better for her, (near the end) but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t believe it was realistic. Whenever I put myself into a painful scene it was quite draining and often took a while to shake off an anxious feeling.

5. The ending isn't a typical "happy ending", but I felt it had hope. Is a sequel possible or is this going to be a stand-alone novel? Any new books in the works?

Yes, that’s what I intended. As I mentioned before I didn’t feel the ending could be totally happy because it didn’t feel realistic. At the same time I wanted Abi to have hope as all along this is what she is striving for. Currently I don’t have any plans for there to be a sequel. I am now in the middle of writing my next novel, which is more of a psychological thriller and I’m enjoying it a lot!


Heidi's book Beneath the Surface is being released on March 24th and is already receiving fantastic reviews.  You can read Heather's review here.

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