What attracts me to books…

Some people have obsessions with shoes, handbags, cars and houses.

Not me.

Who wants to brave the hustle and bustle of busy shopping centres, trailing around the shops getting blisters on your feet and aching arms from shopping bags? I would much rather be curled up on my sofa with my kindle being transported to faraway lands.  I want to be the detective in the murder mystery or to be swept off my feet in the most passionate of love affairs. I yearn to have my heart racing as I fear for my life in a thriller or to be part of a werewolf pack or be transported back in time and live in the 18th century.

Through my kindle I will experience more places and cultures than I could ever hope to visit in a lifetime.

My kindle is full to bursting, my to be read list is quite simply ridiculous, and yet still I hear Amazon taunting me, teasing me with it's shiny new releases just begging to be read.  When I hear that beautiful calling, my willpower - what willpower? - evaporates in much the same way as it does when I see chocolate or a beautiful glass of red wine.

Hence the name of my site!

Whilst it is still very young, it has been amazing the amount of times I have been asked how I actually select books for reading. So much so that I shall be delighted to share my processes in the hope that it may help or, at least, satisfy the curious...

Firstly, I should clearly state that I will read any genre as I like to keep my reading list varied.  So when I go on Amazon I will check out the top one hundred most popular listing. Very rarely will I restrict myself by narrowing this down to a particular genre, rather I will happily browse to see what takes my fancy.

Naturally, the cover is imperative and has to be eye catching as it is the first thing you see. Combine that with a good title and I will look further.

Then I check the rating - too low and I instantly move on. The higher the rating from a decent number of reviews, the more interested I will become.

Next is the synopsis. I am ready to be seduced and be given no option but to head to bed with this book tonight. So the synopsis has to grab my attention and I am looking to be quickly and clearly told that this book is worth reading, leave me wanting more, and demand my attention. The synopsis should not just say what the book is about but also provide a glimpse at the authors writing content and style.

I will then read a few of the reviews to see what others have thought. At this stage, I look for both good and bad reviews.  If the book has been given a bad review I want to know why so that I can then judge for myself whether this would be an issue for me. If it is a criticism of style or content, then I shall happily disregard and read on. What will put me off is terrible editing. An odd typo here and there is forgivable but I detest editing that is so bad that it detracts from the story.

I should stress that I will not judge simply on one review and will have a look at a few to see the general consensus.

The next consideration is price. My belief is that price should reflect quality and so the synopsis should reflect that to me. A poor synopsis cannot command a high price for me - unless it is an author that I already know and trust. Many authors get very hung up on how to price their book yet, for me, this is my last consideration. By this point, the author should have already sold the book to me.

I do have a list of authors I keep a look out for and, within that group, I also have a select few authors that are auto buys for me. I actually do count down the days to their next release and eagerly anticipate each new piece of work.

Therefore to summarise the order of importance for me is:-

  • Known author
  • Cover
  • Rating
  • Synopsis
  • Reviews
  • Price

This is my process, what is yours?  Please comment below.

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