The Anatomy of Desire by Ayana Prende

Reviewed by Nicole


A historical erotica. This is a genre I don’t read very often and not because I don’t like it, but because whenever I do read one I find myself getting bored mid-way  through. Not this story.

There is nothing in this novel that is slow, or tedious. The entire thing from the first page to the last keeps you in complete suspense. There is realness to the problems the main character faces that have you instantly attached to her from the very first chapter.

Her name is Katherine Forrester and we are immediately introduced to her main problem; an inability to consummate her marriage after eight months. We find out she is a kind, naïve and extremely compassionate woman who is wrecked with the guilt of her psychological issues. She is forced to see a Doctor who deals with sexual issues by her mother-in-law and that is where her life begins to get more complicated yet complete. The love story that begins is truly binding, a detailed romance that is forbidden.

The writing has a great flow and I found that the characters you are supposed to like, you love; and the characters you are supposed to hate, you loathe. Some scenes are very steamy and the author is sure to add romance whenever she can without over doing it. Throughout the novel you are led into situations with the heroine that have you sighing in relief or muttering curse words under your breath at the actions of the villains. The intrigue in certain parts is agonising.

The ending is very predictable but there was a careful twist I did not see coming and had me love the novel even more. It’s a feel good love story by the last page and it makes you happy that you read it.

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