Review – A Story of Like by Courtney Clark

Reviewed by Heather

3.5 /5

Life has been crazy for me right now, so I couldn't take any more heaviness and really needed a light hearted read. "A Story of Like" really filled that need. I enjoyed the characters and the story in general. I loved the fact that Addy admitted she didn't fall in love with Charlie right away...theirs wasn't necessarily the "love story" that everyone expects when reading romance. That was refreshing for me...I always find the normal romance stories hokey and mostly unrealistic. This was a realistic portrayal of a relationship. The author's characters outside the relationship were also great...I loved the nephew who was a little too mature for his age (reminded me of when my own son would play "Senator" and walk around in a suit with a briefcase).
But, the fact that it WAS a realistic portrayal of a relationship was also the novel's weak point for me. There was no real conflict. Sure, there was a contrived conflict at the very end that seemed like an afterthought, like "oh wait, there has to be an argument". I think there needed to be something a little more raw, something more than "cold feet". I found myself flying through the book up until that point. I would love to see this book as a series...with a little more conflict.

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